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This beautiful sterling silver bracelet will add a touch of class to any wardrobe.
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Sterling Silver handcrafted in Mexico
Mexican Deep Blue Amid Lapis Bracelet

Mexican Deep Blue Amid Lapis Bracelet


SSB962-132 / $62.00

Size: 7/16"W x 8"L

Absolute Beauty! This gorgeous oval link Lapis bracelet is crafted of genuine .925 sterling sliver. Radiating deep blue mystery, it brings to mind a rippling sea. silver clasp. Made in Mexico.

ABOUT TAXCO: Taxco, and its silver mountain of "plata" (silver) is renown by its finest jewelry crafter's. Taxco is located in the hills between Acapulco and Mexico City, in the state of Guerrero. Before the Spanish arrived, natives called it Tlacho meaning the place of the ballgame. Hernan Cortes arrived and the Spanish conquered the Aztecs in 1521. By the end of the XVI century silver from Taxco had spread across Europe, and Taxco had become Spain's primary source of precious metals in the New World. Mining gradually decreased in the Taxco area as other richer and more accessible mining areas were discovered and developed, and eventually faded out for almost 200 years. Today Taxco still retains its enchant, the colonial atmosphere, red-tiled roofs, cobblestone and narrow streets, and the impressive 240 year old Santa Prisca Cathedral are home of our talented partner artisans.
BH116296 / $19.00
A quick and easy way for your customers to put on bracelets! Clip the plain end of the bracelet to the spring clamp. Hold the other side of the; tool in your hand. Bring the clasp end of the bracelet around your wrist;and fasten.
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