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A collection of upbeat music with influences from Spanish flamenco, salsa, and pop. Popularized worldwide by the Gipsy Kings, rumba flamenco (also known as gypsy rumba) is a blend of flamenco with Afro-Cuban rhythms.
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Women of Latin America Music
Rumba Flamengo CD

Rumba Flamengo CD

1. Maita Vende Ca

2. Javier Ruibal
Isla Mujeres

3. Ojos de Brujo
Vacileo Wafir Lei

4. Peret
Una Chica Muy Guapa

5. Ziroq
Que Pena

6. Eric Fernandez
Shalom Israel

7. Chico and the Gypsies
Tengo Tengo De Madera Canaveral

8. Ojos de Brujo

9. Gitano Family
Hommage Aux Marquises

10. Ricao


CD2032 / $15.98

Rumba Flamenco brings attention to some of the many artists who share the same musical traditions as the Gipsy Kings. Gypsy rumba originated in the Catalan regions of northeastern Spain and southern France. This accessible and upbeat style of flamenco has attracted fans across the globe. Rumba Flamenco features music that reflects the soul of the gypsies, the passion of flamenco, and the irresistible beats of Cuba.

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