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A collection of entertaining songs from an island where music is an essential element of daily life. Puerto Rico follows the well-received Putumayo collections Cuba and Republica Dominicana and completes a trilogy of the music of the Spanish Caribbean.
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Women of Latin America Music
Puerto Rico CD

Puerto Rico CD

1. Eddie Palmieri

2. Andres Jimenezl
Me Voy Pa'l Campo

3. Jimmy Bosch
Pa' Mantener Tradicion

4. Ramito
Una Mujer En Mi Vida

5. Modesto Capeda
Homenaje A Caridad

6. Edwin Colon Zayas
Seis Nilonguero

7. Pepe Castillo
Nadie Llore

8. Julius Melendez

9. Atabal
Musica Morena

10. Ismael Miranda
La Naturaleza

11. Plena Libre
Bembe de Plena


CD1672 / $15.98

Cuba and Puerto Rico are often described as "two wings of the same bird," and this is certainly evident in their music. The songs and rhythms of both islands are irresistible, danceable and soulful and have influenced many forms of contemporary popular music and jazz. While the Cuban son has recently taken flight on a gust of international popularity, Puerto Rican traditional music is an equally important element of the Latin music boom.

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