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Our natural alpaca wool shawl is like all of our products; it is organic, eco-safe, earth and body friendly. The Alpaca thrives at the extraordinarily high altitudes of the Andes, resulting in a fiber of unparalleled softness and warmth. This garment offers a beautiful accent to the winter wardrobe.
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Somerville Wool Shawl
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AWS89787 / $158.00

One Size Fits All / 3 .8ft. W x 3 ft. L / 50% Alpaca Wool, 50% Acrylic / Do not use a dryer / Dry clean or hand wash

Like feathery autumn grass, warm vertical motifs flow across the borders of this cape. Showcasing the exceptional textile art of Peru's Alfredo Falcon, this layered alpaca blend wrap is perfect for cool days and chilly evenings. The alpaca thrives at the imposing altitudes of the Andes Mountains, producing a luxurious lightweight wool that is exceptionally warm. Natural alpaca wool shawl.

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