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Milagros Mexican Folk Art T-shirts! When a person venerated a particular saint they would use a milagro to help that saint perform a miracle (hence the word "milagro"). There was a milagro for virtually every animal, every organ and every imaginable malady. This tradition came to the New World with the arrival of the Spanish and is still practiced today.
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Milagros Folk Art TShirt L Selection
Mexican Milagros Folk Art TShirts

Mexican Milagros Folk Art TShirts

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SABAKU /Size: S, L $32.00 / XL / 36.00 / Color: Black / 100% Cotton

Milagros, (the Spanish word for miracles) are tiny offerings most typically made of silver and fashioned into the shapes of body parts, animals, people, plants, domestic articles and means of transportation. Milagros are part of an ancient folk custom that transcends the centuries and the boundaries of diverse cultures. The practice of offering, to a deity, miniature items that in some way symbolize one's concerns, seems to be universal and timeless. The uses and shapes of these miniature body parts, animal and human figures are virtually unchanged from classic period in Greece to the present day in Latin America where milagros are still part of folk traditions, from Milagros by Martha Egan.

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