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We love to make uncommon blouses! Our peasant blouses are not factory made. Each is designed and sewn by the artist.
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This style of blouse was worn by Frida
FK Blouse

FK Blouse

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FKBL10885 / $75.00

Size: XS, S, M, L, & XL / 100% Cotton

Our blouses seek to capture the peasant style of the clothing Frida so loved. People familiar with Frida's taste in fashion will easily recognize the subtle (and not so subtle) fashion characteristics that set Frida apart from so many in her social class. She stood proudly on the side of Mexican workers, and this was evident even in the clothes she chose to wear. Everything Frida did, she did with purpose and vision---right down to the vibrant blouses she wore! Viva Frida!

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