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Malachite jewelry has been very popular and highly desirable since as early as 4000 BC. Many ancient Egyptian ornaments are made of malachite. The multi-green bands and shades in malachite create its uniqueness and give it an incredibly charming quality.
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Malachite Gemstone Necklace

Gemstone Necklace

NNB1952 / $550.00

Handcrafted MYS

Discover the beauty and harmonizing effects of malachite jewelry today!

This magnificent necklace features 19 radiant malachite stones set in high quality (925) solid sterling silver. Named for the mallow plant, malachite has been highly desirable since as early as 4000 BC. Indeed, many ancient Egyptian ornaments were made of malachite. Handmade by a gifted Mexican artist, this stunning necklace accentuates the high-grade authentic stripe malachite cabochon. The stones are of an exceptional quality that is not easy to find. The silky green luster and shades create its uniqueness and give it a captivating appearance. Little wonder malachite is often referred to as “the mirror of the soul.” Malachite is becoming difficult to find. Prices are rising rapidly and avililablity is uncertain.

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