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The artists on Latin Groove represent trendsetters in Latin music such as Ozomatli, Aterciopelados, Los Mocosos, Si*Se, Sin Palabras, Conjunto Massallia and Carlos Nicaragua. Also included are a number of European producers and DJs who are fusing Latin music with electronica to create exciting new blends, such as Sidestepper, Funkanazenji, and Supatone. The result is a collection of songs that show how old-school Latin dance music has become a solid foundation for the sounds of the future.
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Latin Groove CD

Latin Groove CD

1. Barrio Cubano
El Carretero

2. Sin Palabras

3. Sidestepper
Linda Manigua

4. Aterciopelados
El Estuche

5. Los Mocosos
Soy Callejero

6. El Conjunto Massalia Chan Chan

7. Funkanzazenji
Latin Flavour

8. S i*Se
Bizcocho Amargo

9. Supatone

10. Carlos de Nicaragua

11. Ozomatli
Cumbia de Los Muertos


CD1972 / $15.98

A collection of cutting-edge Latin music that blends salsa, Cuban son, and cumbia with funk, hip-hop, soul, and electronica. European DJs expertly fuse contemporary club music with the funky grooves of old- school salsa, while bands from the barrios of Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York create new styles that keep the essence of the classic Latin sound, while adding the modern style and attitude of today's urban reality.

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