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Lila Downs is a wide-ranging singer who passionately expresses her melancholic subject matter without lapsing into melodrama, and with this album she crosses musical borders of her own. --Bryan Reesman
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Border (La Linea)

Border (La Linea)

1. Mi Corazon Me Recuerda

2. El Feo

3. Sale Sobrando

4. Corazoncito Tirano

5. La Nina

6. Hanal Weech

7. Medley: Pastures Of Plenty/This Land Is Your Land/Land

8. La Linea

9. El Bracero Fracasado

10. Transito

11. Smoke (Acteal)

12. La Martiniana

13. Soy Pescador

14. La Llorona

15. Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps


CD1066 / $16.98

Singer-songwriter Lila Downs uses these 15 compositions (both originals and covers) to explore the joys and sorrows experienced by Mexican immigrants who cross the border for a better life only to experience exploitation and racism in this country. A child of a Mixtec Indian mother and Anglo-American father, the talented Downs brings in a fresh perspective from two cultural worlds. She imbues the Mexican cumbia style--which is itself a variation on a Colombian form of dance music integrating Latin, Native American, and African styles--with blues, jazz, and even a little hip-hop as pre-Colombian and Mexican percussion nestles comfortably with strings and electric guitar, piano, and bass.

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