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Of interest to the initiated because they comprise largely seldom-seen works in various Mexican collections, these plates represent the best collection now available of Kahlo's work.
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Frida Kahlo: The Brush of Anguish

Frida Book


0811804852 / $24.95

Review: Frida's cult reputation has been blossoming for over ten years, particularly among feminists. Rumors that Madonna is planning a film about the artist will probably generate mainstream interest in, if not understanding of, her disturbingly personal works. The complexities of Kahlo's painful, joyful, notorious, and gay life are well presented in the text. Despite obvious affection for the subject, Zamora neither glosses over Kahlo's nonconformity nor tries to make a martyr of her. Yet however fair, these biographical notes are sparse and anecdotal, whetting the newcomer's interest but not offering much to the informed reader. More important here is the collection of 75 color plates of the artist's original works.

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