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Yes. We sell fabric too. But not just any fabric! Remember, we're about creativity, about Mexico, about audacity, about Frida!
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Folklore Skeletons Fabric

Folklore Skeletons Fabric

FABR003 / $16.50 a yard

45" Wide, 100% Cotton

The morbid design shows skeletons strolling through la plaza - or town square - of a small town in México. Some are sweeping, others are simply ambling along. One of the scenes is of a skeletal dandy trying to impress two señoritas at once with roses and cuitas de amor. Another scene shows a violinist serenading a young woman with romantic melodies as she dances hypnotized by the slightly out of tune sound. A third scene has an extravagantly dressed couple dancing boleros under the curious gaze of those strolling by. These bright colors are even more vivid against the red background. This feast day is celebrated on November 1st. The figures are around 6 inches tall.

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