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A musical reunion between the irresistible swing of Cuban son and the soul of West African salsa. Inspired by the critical and commercial success of the Putumayo compilations Afro-Latino and Mali to Memphis, we've gone back to the archives to uncover some classic and contemporary gems of Cuban music and Cuban-influenced African music. Congo to Cuba reveals the deep cultural connections between these two distant worlds.
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Cuban Music CD
Congo To Cuba CD

Congo To Cuba CD

1. Chico Alvarez
Val' Carretero

2. Mama Sissoko

3. Alfredo Valdes
Canto A La Vueltabajera

4. Gnonnas Pedro
Yiri Yiri Boum

5. Tshala Muana
Lekela Muadi

6. Balla Tounkara
Le Monde Est Fou

7. Laba Sosseh
Son Soneate

8. Monte Adentro
Igualita Que Tu

9. Chocolate Armenteros
Ritmo de Mi Son

10. Mama Keita

11. Pape Fall
African Salsa


CD2002 / $15.98

Congo to Cuba is a celebration of the ways in which music has helped keep the African-Cuban connection vibrant over the years. It features a number of the classic Latin recordings that were popular in Africa, as well as work by African artists who pay tribute to the Afro-Cuban sound. While time and distance may keep them apart, common heritage and family ties between West Africa and Cuba have provided a bond that can never be broken. The music on Congo to Cuba is a powerful and thoroughly enjoyable testament to the unifying nature of music.

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