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This book is a monograph of the extraordinary Mexican painter, whose work cuts across the definitions of Surrealist and Modern art, contains over 90 color plates, including her remarkable self-portraits, plus rare color and black and white photos of her.
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Kahlo Book

Kahlo Book


1030B / $21.00

English author and head of the Education Section of the Walker ArtGallery in Liverpool, England did his homework and compiled some lovely plates not found in other Frida Kahlo books. The accompanying text in this oversized book is broken up into three sections that represent Frida's various art periods. The extensive introduction has the most information as he basically runs down the highlights of Frida's tumultous life beginning with her early health problems, her traumatic accident, her marriages to Mexican muralist Diego Rivera, her lesbian affairs, her straight affairs, her deterioating health and ultimately, her death.

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