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We love the creative process! And our peasant blouse collections reflects this spirit. You will love any choice you make!
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This style of blouse was worn by Frida
Frida Peasant Style Blouse

Frida Peasant Style Blouse

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FKBL7507 / $75.00

Size: XS, S, M. L, & XL / 100% Cotton

If green is your color, this is your blouse! A soft green fabric speckled with tiny leaves hosts double borders of contrasting green prints. Carefully crafted, this cotton top was created with quality in mind. The blouse settles at waist length to provide slimming look while the wide neckline gives it a distinctly feminine flare. This gorgeous blouse features cool colors and vibrant patterns combine to create a classic look. People familiar with Frida's taste in fashion will easily recognize the subtle (and not so subtle) fashion characteristics that set Frida apart from so many in her social class. Everything Frida did, she did with purpose and vision---right down to the vibrant blouses she wore! Viva Frida!

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